About the fair


General information about the fair.


Good and free food during the fair.


All practical information about the fair.

General information

Date and place
D. 4.-6. november 2020

Messe C
Vestre Ringvej 101
7000 Fredericia

Opening hours

Wednesday 10–18 – Get-together 18-19

Thursday 10–18

Friday 10–16


Free for all buyers and employees from furniture stores.

Other visitors for the industry will pay an entrance fee of DKK 150,- at the entrance.
Documentation for your affiliation with the industry must be provided.
The fee includes free lunch at the fair.


Entrance is free for all buyers and employees from furniture stores.
All furniture store in Denmark, Norway and Sweden will receive tickets and catalogues by post.

Others who wish to visit the fair can order tickets by sending mail to info@mobelmessen.dk or simply come to the fair bringing proof of your connection with a furniture store or like (business card f.ex.)

If you wish to change address ex., you can send mail to info@mobelmessen.dk or contact us directly.

Food and drink

Free lunch for all participants, as well as visitors with a valid ticket – information at the entrance.

All days between 12 and 15 in one of the venues restaurants.

  • Buffet restaurant offer buffet with assorted Danish small dishes , salat and cold cuts
  • The restaurant offers open Danish sandwiches

Free coffee at the fair all days.

To buy additional food and drink we refer to the same places during the day.

Wednesday 18-20 the air invites all for a light meal and drink in connection with the Industry get-together.

Industry get-together

In connection with our late opening hours on the first day of the fair, we will arrange an informal get-together of the industry. Place will be announced later, but the fair will host the gathering and serve a light mail and drink between 18-19.


All Parking spaces in front of the center is free, but please respect signs where posted for restrictions.


Will be updated later


Møbelmessen Skandinavien
Falkevej 18
DK-8800 Viborg

Office 9-14               Tabitha Hansen

Sales                          Esben Veng-Christensen

Technical organizer

Messe C
Vestre Ringvej 101
DK 7000 Fredericia
Tlf. 0045 75 92 25 66